A professionally designed and installed CCTV system will not only act as a great deterrent to potential intruders but also give you complete visibility of your home or business premises.

The latest technology allows us to easily upgrade older systems using the existing cabling for minimal disruption to your property meaning we have solutions available for all requirements.

A free simple to use and reliable App allows you to view live video, playback historical footage and even record direct to your Smart Phone.

You can also view your system on a dedicated monitor, TV, computer or Tablet for complete flexibility.

Video analytics offer a great way to draw virtual trip wires around all or part of your property or create motion detection zones for key areas.

When the wires or zones are broken, a push notification can be sent to your phone showing a video of the incident, providing you with complete peace of mind.

If required, video can be exported from the system and given to the Police to be used as evidence.

Our free consultation service will include a thorough inspection of your property or business and provide the best solution for your individual requirements.

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